Demystifying Asian American Culture and Ministry

Adrian and Jennifer Pei presented this talk, “Demystifying Asian American Culture and Ministry” at an Epic Movement (the Asian American Ministry of Cru) event. They address issues of demystifying Asian American culture, challenges of ministry to Asian Americans, and the incredible opportunity of Asian American ministry.

Demystifying Asian American Culture and Ministry (Full Version) from Epic Movement Live on Vimeo.

NextGenerAsianChurch Spreecast # 1

We kick off a weekly group video chat for the summer, and David Park and DJ Chuang invite you to connect with us on Spreecast every Thursday Wednesday [Note: change] at 7:00pm PT / 9:00pm CT / 10:00pm ET. Watch this video of our introductory episode.

David started off with a sincere apology, cf. sorry is the new thank you. We chat about a variety of topics: RLTB (real life trumping blogging), pastoring in the 21st century, challenges in building a multiethnic community, identity, personal boundaries, becoming emotional healthy, etc etc etc.

Previously, we had posted a summary of this excellent article as “Differentiated Oneness and Implications for Asian Americans.” And, thanks to Christian Association for Psychological Studies, we have permission to post the article in its entirety:

Hung, Auris Huang. “The Concept of Differential Oneness and Implications for Asian American Families.” Journal of Psychology and Christianity (2006) Vol 25:3. Pages 226-239.

Copyright 2006, Christian Association for Psychological Studies, Inc. Reprinted with permission.

Mark your calendar, save the time slot, and join our next NextGenerAsianChurch Spreecast – you can watch the live video chat, join it in the chat room, or join via webcam too.

Where I’m Coming From – DPark

Allow myself to re-introduce myself in the post-blogging age in my first video blog entry. And true to the metaphor of being Asian American, I’m driving from one place to another. Enjoy~

What's Your Sign?

Steve Hayner showed our class this video the other day. I found it to be a beautiful sight seeing person after person display succinctly and compellingly how Christ has impacted their lives. That is the gospel proclaimed, not just by one person, but by the living cloud of witnesses.