The Search for Barbie

Confession: The genesis of this topic occurred a few months ago, as I found myself thinking as I was driving, “huh, that woman on the side of the street is good-looking.” And with the generosity of one of the other writers, I suggested we change topics, as now the summer is upon us and some folks are looking to wear their swimsuits and bare some skin.

Over ten years ago, as a 30 something, I attended a forum at the University of Texas concerning pornography. Remember this was 10 years ago or more. The stats I remember:  more porn related businesses than McDonalds, the porn industry makes more money than the NFL, etc. At the end of that session – I resolved not to stare at a woman. The scenario, you’re sitting with your girlfriend or wife, and a shapely, young lady walks in-Do you give a quick look? Where is that point in your mind when  you have “lusted after another”? (Matthew 5:28)

Basically, I realized that at times you can’t avoid that first look, but I have to force myself at times not to take a second look. It takes resolve and discipline, but a thought occurred to me recently, “Am I becoming complacent?”

I recently graduated from an evangelical seminary. The president of the school exhorted us to remain faithful, esp. sexually. If we have a problem in that area, we are to tuck our diploma under our arms, and leave the ministry. The church doesn’t need another fallen minister to defame the name of Christ!

But I wonder about some guys who are searching for a Barbie Doll for a wife.

In a similar vein, I wonder about modesty. If men try to not “look,” what is the role of women and how they choose to dress? I know that Southern Baptist Seminary (not my seminary) has a resource  on modesty.

And what of the pressures of living in a society that focuses on looks? I found a blog that  addresses body image from the Asian woman’s prespective (perhaps worth a look, and a possible followup post).


Beauty Is The Beast?

Why are the Western cultural assumptions of beauty viewed as key tools to getting the word out about your cause?

Ms. Tibet Beauty Contest

The following quote is from the girl pictured above, (click to read the full article):

“Culture is not like stagnant water that remains in a pool,” Lhazey said. “It is like a flowing river, it keeps on evolving, and Tibetan women should go along with this.”

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