Never Going Back to the (Asian) Church?

Korean Americans (cropped from the original)
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[Guest post by Wayne Park]

Since this is not my personal blog, maybe I’ll use this space to bitch a bit.

Having just finished a really tough MDiv in record time and with good marks I find that I am becoming a casualty of the pastoral unemployment dilemna. Is it because I’m unmarketable? Maybe I can’t “gather people” as I’ve been told. Maybe I’m “inexperienced” or not ordained yet. Bullshit.

And what tickles me is that these criticisms have come from churches / search committees / boards / people from my own ethnic background. Can’t you give a brother a break 😉 I have noticed as a Korean-American the strong propensity towards a certain kind of ecclesiology with almost no backing for it. For example. When I search KAMR it astounds me how many Korean churches want to hire pastors who are “Reformed”. I’ll bet many of these have no clue that Calvin was a closeted Arminian. Nope just made that up. Made you flinch. But really, Korean-Americans tend to be completely clueless as to why the vast majority of us must lean one way theologically. It drives me nucking futs.

Will I give up on the Korean church?

I’m not so sure about that yet. As exasperated as I have become after a year of job searching, I still know that there is a strategic role for the Korean immigrant church to play. And I’ve watched other ethnicities closely on this. I mean it. But us Koreans? I just don’t know yet. As for now I reverting back to my desire to find a pastoral call to a multiethnic church. Or maybe even a totally white one. But go back to the Korean church? I think I’ve had enough.

Am I wrong? Should I keep my heart and mind open to the abuse? Or should I keep my heart and mind open to love my people?