The Elephants in the Room: Porn and Gambling

The following article (with a few emphasis points mine) points to the fact that Asian American churches cannot afford to insult the Gospel by merely being social hubs of moralism and not addressing the darkest corners of our immigrant condition as places that require repentance and healing. We were not meant to judge who is righteous or to qualify the upright, we were meant to become communities of forgiveness and hope. Would people suffering with these addictions turn towards our churches or would they sequester themselves in their shame?

The great challenge of the Gospel to our Asian culture is to address the elephants in the room, despite our shame, because we need to quit clothing ourselves in our silly fig leaves rather than to take hold of the white robes that await us. Will we speak to these issues directly from the pulpit? If our leaders will not address the cancers in our midst, how then will we argue that we are relevant to the needs of our community?


Korean Families Hurt by Internet Porn and Gambling

New America Media, News Digest, Aruna Lee, Posted: Dec 10, 2006

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to its large internet use, the Korean community is experiencing a spike in online porn and gambling addiction. Aruna Lee monitors Korean media for New America Media

SAN FRANCISCO — Increasing numbers of Korean Americans are becoming addicted to online pornography and gambling sites according to a recent article in the Korea Times in Los Angeles.

Sang Jin Lee (not his real name), 25, is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital in Riverside County, CA, for his online gambling addiction.

Lee says he lost his job at a lending agency because of his habit, which began with poker games between friends (Billy Park addresses this in an older post), but quickly led to Lee losing his life savings. To re-pay his bets Lee Continue reading “The Elephants in the Room: Porn and Gambling”