1.0  or 1st Generation: The immigrant generation that arrives as adults. aka. “Il Sae”

1.5 generation: Immigrants who arrive not as adults, but in formative years. 

2.0 or 2nd Gen: Children of 1.0 or 1.5 generation born in the new land. 

AA: abbreviation for “Asian American”

ABC: acronym for “American-Born Chinese”

ABCD: acronym, often derogative of Indian American 2.0 generation, “American-born Confused Desi”

Desi: Common term for Asian Indians / South Asians who no longer residents of the motherland, but who hail from that region. 

EM: abbreviation for “English Ministry” — generally co-existing or having been brought out as a daughter-ministry to the 1st generation to reach the 2nd generation. Services tend to be completely in English, including worship and message.

JDSN: abbreviation for Jun Do Sa Nim — Romanized Korean which literally translates to “evangelist”; position in the church that can range in meaning from intern to associate pastor depending on congregation.

KA: abbreviation for “Korean-American”

KM: abbreviation for “Korean Ministry” — 1st generation congregation with services that are generally in Korean.

MSN: abbreviation for Mok Sa Nim — Korean title for Reverend; reserved for ordained pastors. 


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