Joining the nextgenerasianchurch chorus

My name is Fred Mok and I’m the English pastor of Chinese Church in Christ – South Valley. My personal blog was supposed to be about issues affecting Asian American Christianity but I couldn’t keep it that narrowly focused.

I had been thinking about how to have a broader platform by which to address the gospel and Asian American Christianity and I’ve always admired this site. I found myself dissatisfied with the frequency of the posting. I felt like I was wandering in the wilderness and starved for regular sustenance.

I admire the work of more theologically focused minority blogs and the more activist but I was looking for something with a a bigger theological tent and something that could rebuke activist/liberal/progressive tendencies because I am secretly a white man, at least on the inside. Not really but I’m certainly sympathetic to how white people feel and skeptical of the “down with white people” feel of activist/SJW culture.

I also have friends that are better writers and thinkers than I am and I wanted them to join me in getting our voices out there.

At the Exponential Conference, I met up with DJ Chuang, who helped found this site,  told him about my idea to start a group blog, and he said:

Why not take over

He offered to connect me with other co-founder, David Park and the video above is the product. I’m looking forward to what is to come!

Or, listen to the audio (download mp3 audio)

Watch the Urbana 12 PANA Lounge Talks

During Urbana 12 (tri-ennial student missions conference), InterVarsity’s Asian American Ministries (AAM) hosted a Pan Asian North American (PANA) Lounge and platformed a speaker-series from leading Asian & Asian North American ministry leaders. Each talk was 8-minutes long, inspired by the short-form talks popularized by the likes of TED, TEDx, and Q.

One of the more provocative ones was Greg Hsu‘s intriguing talk, titled: “Asian North Americans: Divided by God?” or, more bluntly, “Why don’t non-Christian Asian Americans like our Asian fellowship?“

The IVCF AAM blog is posting a new video every day for the next 3 weeks. Watch them there >>

James Choung introduces the speakers-series and how Asian Americans can be redeeming our gifts.

“Colorblind is just another way to say we don’t care”

Rapper and pastor Jason Chu chimes in with a few thoughts about why being Asian American matters with regards to one’s Christian faith.

Jason Chu will be rapping next Friday, November 30th, at Evergreen LA, for the “Much Love.” live concert – with friends & featured guests DANakaDAN of afterschoolspecial, Kevin Lien, Priska, The Fung Bros., The Jubilee Project, and KingdomCulture.

Jason first got my attention with this Spoken Word Video “Colorblind” in response to racism in film, media, and theater, in particular, in response to the La Jolla Playhouse casting only 2 Asian-Americans in a play set in ancient China – part of the trend known as “no Asian faces on TV”.

cf. La Jolla’s ‘Nightingale’ Doesn’t Sing and Apology Doesn’t Sway Many APIAs; Dr. Monica Williams’ article – Colorblind Ideology is a Form of Racism: A colorblind approach allows us to deny uncomfortable cultural differences (Psychology Today, December 2011)

NextGenerAsianChurch Spreecast # 1

We kick off a weekly group video chat for the summer, and David Park and DJ Chuang invite you to connect with us on Spreecast every Thursday Wednesday [Note: change] at 7:00pm PT / 9:00pm CT / 10:00pm ET. Watch this video of our introductory episode.

David started off with a sincere apology, cf. sorry is the new thank you. We chat about a variety of topics: RLTB (real life trumping blogging), pastoring in the 21st century, challenges in building a multiethnic community, identity, personal boundaries, becoming emotional healthy, etc etc etc.

Previously, we had posted a summary of this excellent article as “Differentiated Oneness and Implications for Asian Americans.” And, thanks to Christian Association for Psychological Studies, we have permission to post the article in its entirety:

Hung, Auris Huang. “The Concept of Differential Oneness and Implications for Asian American Families.” Journal of Psychology and Christianity (2006) Vol 25:3. Pages 226-239.

Copyright 2006, Christian Association for Psychological Studies, Inc. Reprinted with permission.

Mark your calendar, save the time slot, and join our next NextGenerAsianChurch Spreecast – you can watch the live video chat, join it in the chat room, or join via webcam too.