the conundrum of the asian-american christian

the following is an excerpt from a recent chat i had with DJ Chuang…

DJ Chuang: my theory is this, re: Asian cultural pride… since Asian culture is hierarchial, the place for repentance and cultural change is at the top. if the person (or few persons) who hold sway and influence at the top is willing to repent and to call what's wrong as wrong, then the whole deal can change. so, in a church context, it would be the senior pastor acknowledging a wrong, then proposing and taking steps to correct it

exportjoy: i've seen that done in an "american" church, but never in a korean or asian church

DJ Chuang: and what Asians have in common is that "save face" kind of pride and it is very rare to see open confessions by top Asian leaders

exportjoy: do you think that could change in the next generation of leaders? and would that alter our sense of cultural identity? i mean, would korean christians deem me less korean, if i dared to not save face? to downplay my own culture to lift up my faith? would the church embrace? or push me away?

DJ Chuang: yes, i think that would be the cultural / corporate reaction, to deem you Continue reading “the conundrum of the asian-american christian”