Why 4Pointes is an Asian American church

Recently sat down to have a chat with Pastor Peter Lim about 4Pointes Church, located near Atlanta, Georgia.

4Pointes Church has a particular aspect that makes it different than most others of its kind. 4Pointes describes itself as an Asian-American church.

Most next-generation independent English-speaking churches that are led or planted by Asian American pastors describes themselves as just a church or a multi-ethnic church. Very few of these churches self-identify as Asian American churches, even though its leadership and/or its attendees may be composed of an Asian American majority.

Listen to our conversation about why 4Pointes Church calls itself an Asian-American church rather than a multiethnic church or community church.

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“Colorblind is just another way to say we don’t care”

Rapper and pastor Jason Chu chimes in with a few thoughts about why being Asian American matters with regards to one’s Christian faith.

Jason Chu will be rapping next Friday, November 30th, at Evergreen LA, for the “Much Love.” live concert – with friends & featured guests DANakaDAN of afterschoolspecial, Kevin Lien, Priska, The Fung Bros., The Jubilee Project, and KingdomCulture.

Jason first got my attention with this Spoken Word Video “Colorblind” in response to racism in film, media, and theater, in particular, in response to the La Jolla Playhouse casting only 2 Asian-Americans in a play set in ancient China – part of the trend known as “no Asian faces on TV”.

cf. La Jolla’s ‘Nightingale’ Doesn’t Sing and Apology Doesn’t Sway Many APIAs; Dr. Monica Williams’ article – Colorblind Ideology is a Form of Racism: A colorblind approach allows us to deny uncomfortable cultural differences (Psychology Today, December 2011)

Spreecast #4: What’s Identity Got to Do with It?

A conversation continues because continue it must. This one meanders over to the topic of identity, with DJ Chuang and David Park.
Programming note: for you regular viewers, you may have noticed these aren’t happening weekly on schedule, so they’re going to happen when they happen. Follow http://twitter.com/nextgenerasian for a tweet when we go live.

Why NextGenerAsianChurch.com started and still exists

Once in a while David Park and I (DJ Chuang) meet in person and chat about all kinds of things related to life and faith. Back in October 2010, I think it was, we recorded this conversation and our little pocket camera worked. (Yes, we can recall times when we had technology fail, too.) In this 20-minute video, we share about how this team blog came into being, what topics have been particularly painful and challenging, and our dreams and hope for the future of churches that are contextualized to better serve Asian Americans and all peoples.

And, below is a web statistic chart of the most popular pages here during the past month. What do you notice about what’s popular? What surprises you?

NextGenerAsianChurch Spreecast #3

Kevin Nguyen, David Park, and DJ Chuang – chat about Asian American‘s lack of interest in spiritual things, what do we do with that, how we as Asian Americans can better represent and engage majority culture, and more… http://www.spreecast.com/events/nextgenerasianchurch-3-june2012

And, have a happy 4th of July – we’ll return on July 10th with another spreecast and continue this thread or flow of thought…