Next Gener.Asian Church is a collaborative team blog to discuss issues facing Asian American culture and the Christian faith. Our contributors come from different ethnic Asian American backgrounds and a diverse range of theological perspectives with the common goal of seeing Jesus Christ magnified in our cultural contexts as well as our culture at large.

We believe in God’s gift of being both Asian and American; in the work of dialogue, storytelling, restoration, and discovery; that the church is for all peoples and for each people group; and that the gift of ethnicity and personhood is not only for ourselves, but for the blessing of all people as we join in the mission of God.

In 2012, a new season of conversations started around a new team of contributors. (Each contributors will be introducing themselves; here’s a list of links to their intros.)

Then something called Linsanity took over…

As 2015 closes out, Fred Mok and friends accepted the invitation to reboot the conversations and described it in: Joining the nextgenerasianchurch chorus.

Also see the FAQ for more of our back story…