refuse to remain silent #notok

A call from Peter Lim on Facebook for our voices to be heard! 

When I was a child, while leaving a mall with my mother, a group of white young adult males drove up next to us in their red pickup truck and hurled water at us, literally spat at us, and began calling us “nips, chinks, go back to where you came from.” I was afraid then as a child but no more. When my sons are teased and harassed at school and on the baseball diamond because they are Asians…no more…I will not stay silent because this is #notok

As Asian Americans, we are seen as model minorities who simply remain silent, laugh things off, and don’t rock the boat. I say no more! I am tired of being the subject of people’s bigotry and racism and then told by the same ignorant people, “don’t be so sensitive”, “it was just a joke”, “I didn’t mean any offense.” I’m sorry but who are you to tell me not to be offended by your asinine and bigoted comments? No more! I refuse to remain silent.

Collectively as Asian Americans, we need to let our voices be heard. Deference has its place and value but not here…we need to exert our value, our worth, and our voice as a people and let the majority culture here in America hear loud and clearly that it’s #notok for them to continue to treat us in this manner.

I challenge you to share your story of bigotry and/or racist experience and use the hashtag #notok to let our voices be heard. These pictures I’ve attached demonstrate that too many people think it’s ok (MLB only fueled this attitude with the weak discipline dealt to Gurriel) and we need to collectively let our voices be heard that “No”…it’s #notok

(please share with others and let our voices be heard)

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