Joining the nextgenerasianchurch chorus

My name is Fred Mok and I’m the English pastor of Chinese Church in Christ – South Valley. My personal blog was supposed to be about issues affecting Asian American Christianity but I couldn’t keep it that narrowly focused.

I had been thinking about how to have a broader platform by which to address the gospel and Asian American Christianity and I’ve always admired this site. I found myself dissatisfied with the frequency of the posting. I felt like I was wandering in the wilderness and starved for regular sustenance.

I admire the work of more theologically focused minority blogs and the more activist but I was looking for something with a a bigger theological tent and something that could rebuke activist/liberal/progressive tendencies because I am secretly a white man, at least on the inside. Not really but I’m certainly sympathetic to how white people feel and skeptical of the “down with white people” feel of activist/SJW culture.

I also have friends that are better writers and thinkers than I am and I wanted them to join me in getting our voices out there.

At the Exponential Conference, I met up with DJ Chuang, who helped found this site,  told him about my idea to start a group blog, and he said:

Why not take over

He offered to connect me with other co-founder, David Park and the video above is the product. I’m looking forward to what is to come!

Or, listen to the audio (download mp3 audio)

4 thoughts on “Joining the nextgenerasianchurch chorus”

  1. Fred, welcome to the team blogging at and bringing it new life with fresh voices and thoughtful conversations. I’m a little embarrassed to be mentioned for causing the inception of this turn of events, even though that is truthfully what did actually happen. Happy to see you click that big blue “Publish” button. Merry Christmas!

  2. Down with your inner white man, Pastor Fred!

    Just kidding. Glad NGAC is back up. I look forward to hearing, reading, discussing more.

  3. Hey Fred,

    I’m loving what you guys are doing on this collaborative blog. I’m looking forward to fresh content as well for this generations’ Christians beyond just Asian Americans. I’m a pastor at a Filipino church in Queens, NY and have been writing content along the same vision for a little while. Is there anyway I can partner with you guys in our endeavor to create content?

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