It’s a Small World After All

Vivian Mabuni shared her keen observation of just how subtle a Euro-centric Caucasian-worldview comes through even an amusement park ride at world-famous Disneyland, It’s a Small World. Here’s an excerpt from her blog post Small World Through My Almond Eyes, and how that worldview colors our theology too:

Even though the ride was created to illustrate the whole world, the world was presented as primarily a white Euro-centric world. A full three minutes of this ten minute ride focused on Europe. The Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America were all covered in 30-45 seconds each …

… The final section of the ride was when all the dolls, dressed in white, sang together intermingled. I thought about the world’s current population. If the ride was true to actual cultural and ethnic breakdown, one-third of the dolls would be from India and China alone. Only 13% of the dolls in the white section would be white.

… since the vast majority of the Christian books I’ve read have been authored by Caucasian men, the vast majority of church history I’ve been taught have been about Caucasian men, and the vast majority of Christian leaders I’ve seen and heard from have been Caucasian men, I kind of picture heaven full of Caucasian men.

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