Why NextGenerAsianChurch.com started and still exists

Once in a while David Park and I (DJ Chuang) meet in person and chat about all kinds of things related to life and faith. Back in October 2010, I think it was, we recorded this conversation and our little pocket camera worked. (Yes, we can recall times when we had technology fail, too.) In this 20-minute video, we share about how this team blog came into being, what topics have been particularly painful and challenging, and our dreams and hope for the future of churches that are contextualized to better serve Asian Americans and all peoples.

And, below is a web statistic chart of the most popular pages here during the past month. What do you notice about what’s popular? What surprises you?

Author: djchuang

DJ Chuang is a social media strategist for churches and non-profit orgs, with a personal priority on next generation Asian Americans. He's a veteran blogger at djchuang.com and resides in Orange County, California

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