Where I’m Coming From – DPark

Allow myself to re-introduce myself in the post-blogging age in my first video blog entry. And true to the metaphor of being Asian American, I’m driving from one place to another. Enjoy~

5 thoughts on “Where I’m Coming From – DPark”

  1. Hey David, I loved your introduction! thanks for recording these thoughts….. i hope you do this more! it’s fun!

  2. Wait – Did you record this while you were driving? I know we can’t text and drive.. But Vlog and drive? this is new. Thank you for introducing yourself , your heart, your love, your passion!

  3. Thanks Kevin and Josh~ yeah, probably not the safest way to vlog, but it forced me to act more natural since I had to drive. The lighting was decent and it also made my answers shorter, although I guess I do talk a lot! 🙂 But I think it felt more natural this way without me getting too self-conscious

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