6 Postures of Ethnic Minority Culture Towards Majority Culture

This very important article, “Six Postures of Ethnic Minority Culture Towards Majority Culture,” resulted from a collaboration of 4 Cru ethnic student ministries: Epic (Asian American ministry), Destino (Latino ministry), Nations (Native American ministry) and Impact (African American ministry).

Download the PDF or read each section on their blog:


Author: djchuang

DJ Chuang is a social media strategist for churches and non-profit orgs, with a personal priority on next generation Asian Americans. He's a veteran blogger at djchuang.com and resides in Orange County, California

4 thoughts on “6 Postures of Ethnic Minority Culture Towards Majority Culture”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this here! I’d love to hear more real-life stories and testimonies of how Asian Americans have wrestled through some of these postures… the article is an introduction to provide language and categories, but there is so much more to this that would be interesting to hear from people’s lives. Glad to have found this website!

  2. Thanks Adrian for your work on this! This is a great resource and i hope to share it with a lot of people.
    This is exactly the kind of thing that has been hard to explain, much less put into practice about being aware of, so I’m very grateful.

    I’m also glad that you talk about these postures as being complex and non-linear. I find that to be very true for me. As an Asian American who has lived my life in the SouthEast, I find that the context varies and therefore my posture varies depending on my perception of the circumstances. And every change of variable to the mix can affect my posture. For instance, among minorities, I can often be unaware of how another minority (South Asian vs. East Asian, for example), at times our perception of the majority can be very different, even between genders, it can be different. So that also creates a content learning curve for even the more aware persons in this. Generationally I have also noticed divergence in either increasing awareness and hostility or complete apathy and assimilation. It’s funny how that seems to show up as well. And of course, these postures aren’t happening in a vacuum, there are various other factors — class, politics, etc. that affect one’s posture as well.

    In any case, thanks again and hope to dialogue with you a lot more here at NGAC!

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