Thursday Night NG.AC Tokback

Hey everyone, Next Gener.Asian Church (NG.AC) has begun hosting a regular dialogue on Thursday evenings, 10pm (EST) / 7pm (Pacific). This week’s topic is “Asian American Women and the Church.”

Last week, we did a trial run that included headsparks (Dan So), abcpastor (Laurence Tom), elderj (Joshua Settles), djchuang, jadanzzy (Dan Ra), and a few others popped their heads in, including Eugene Cho and Bruce Reyes-Chow. And the conversation featured lots of laughter, cool lighting, trumpet playing, and a few deep insights on how might instill a sense of ethnic identity through preaching, worship, and whatnot. It was so fun, we spent a few hours talking before calling it a night.

You won’t need any software, and you don’t have to have a webcam, but it would be nice just so everyone can see your facial expressions! Just check out Tokbox if you want to get an idea of what the technology behind it will be. And check the twitter feed on Thursday as it will be updated with the conference link.

As this Thursday we’ll be talking about Asian American women and the church, we’d love to see some strong sisters step in on the Tokback, so spread the word and join us.

UPDATE: Here’s the tokbox link to join!:

4 thoughts on “Thursday Night NG.AC Tokback”

  1. sounds like an interesting conversation – would make it if I could, but have a ministry event until 10pm.

  2. That is something I’m very interested in. Unfortunately, I have plans and won’t be able to participate in this week’s dialogue. Next time, for sure. Hope you have great discussions.

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