Is Francis Chan…

… on his way to becoming the next Rob Bell? (Sorry, couldn’t resist tipping my hat to the last NG.AC post about Francis Chan. You know which one.)

Flannel, the folks behind the Nooma series (featuring Rob Bell) are launching another DVD series called We Are Church featuring Francis Chan. From their site (you can read the full post here, and watch a short clip of Francis talking about it):

…you might already know that Nooma was the beginning of a much bigger vision – a vision that encompassed working with many highly creative speakers to communicate the way of Jesus to the world.

Early last year, we committed to pursuing the larger vision and began a search for additional speakers to champion new projects.  The search process included wonderful conversations with ministry and seminary leaders, publishers, Christians bookstore executives, authors, pastors, and more that helped us identify well over 100 candidates… in the end, we felt God leading us to Francis Chan.

I have enjoyed the Nooma series with Rob Bell – the content, aesthetic, communication style and length (seriously, let’s keep our Bible study DVDs under 30 minutes!) have been a good fit for our church community.  I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Francis Chan, if they can capture the energy and passion of his live delivery.  Francis’ short film Stop & Think has a similar vibe (and clocks in at a very reasonable 15 minutes!) — a good sign for the future of this partnership with Flannel.  Stop and think for yourself below.

If this We Are Church series has a similar impact as the Nooma series, perhaps Francis Chan will become a household name in the way Rob Bell has. While I’m sure that’s not Francis’ goal — by all accounts, he is a genuinely humble follower of Jesus — I would love to see an Asian American find a platform like that to speak to both the church and our culture.

8 thoughts on “Is Francis Chan…”

  1. ah yes. I saw this a while ago. Totally unrelated to the content, but that beach in the beginning is in San Diego, where I live. Torrey Pines, one of my favorites. Good thing, however, that the beach shot starts right AFTER the nude beach which neighbors it :).

    Nice to see some Asian-American faces and family out there :).

  2. daniel – nice! i didn’t realize that was here in town… i figured it was filmed closer to los angeles. and, yes, good on them for avoiding the nude beach!

  3. What’s more exciting that an Asian-American is being featured on these videos is that the Gospel is being clearly taught.

  4. Fact One: Francis Chan is biblical. Start with the bible and end with the bible.

    Fact Two: Rob Bell is not Biblical. In Fact, Rob Bell under minds much of the Bible.

    Which is strange that Francis Chan would be on Nooma. The fact that Chan and Bell do not have much in common.

  5. By looking at the date of this post, one can tell that this was written two years ago, way before Rob Bell came out with his new heretical book. Knowing the ministry of Francis Chan very well, I have no doubt that his completely opposes the doctrines that Rob Bell stands for.

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