Replace the word "Navajo" with "Asian American"

This is really the missional mandate: Be as aware of yourself as the one to whom you are witnessing.

5 thoughts on “Replace the word "Navajo" with "Asian American"”

  1. So, what does this mean? I’m Navajo so I would be interested to know. Why does it say Replace the word “Navajo” with “Asian American”?

  2. @the shaman, many asian americans rank relatively “low” in their ethnic identity. and their knowledge of their ethnic heritage, history, and culture in general is fairly superficial. so when i say, “replace the word, ‘navajo’ with ‘asian american’, i’m largely referring to one of the opening statements in the video where the guy says, “trying to understand being a ‘navajo’ and a christian’ and he discusses the journey to understand his own culture. it’s just my borrowing his language to encourage asian americans to do the same.

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