North Korea On My Mind

Don’t have the subtitles in English, but here is a South Korean film dramatizing a crossing of a family from North Korea. It’s very uncreatively entitled, “The Crossing”.

Also got this in my email today from LiNK:

Watch the story of Mi Sun, a 21-year-old woman who finds hope in her dreams despite being forced into a life of sex trafficking.

It doesn’t have to end here though. You can help us provide better options to refugees just like Mi Sun.

Join us in committing $9 a month, all of which will go toward LiNK’s programs that directly impact these North Korean refugees and help to tell their stories.

Become a 9 LIVES recurring donor TODAY and see your $9 change lives.

For Freedom,


And here’s a video associated with the above that’s not currently on the LiNK site, but telling the same story.

2 thoughts on “North Korea On My Mind”

  1. David – Thanks for writing about this. We just helped kick off the LiNK tour at our church in San Diego on Sunday. In fact, we were blessed to have LiNK’s founder, Adrian Hong, come and share a bit after the screening (turns out he was in our church’s youth group back in the day).

    As Adrian said, this is not just a “Korean issue.” The horror of what’s been happening in North Korea is hard to put into words. One of the most difficult things for me to hear, personally, was that many churches & pastors have responded to LiNK’s work by saying they wouldn’t get involved because it’s not a “Christian issue.” Lord, have mercy.

    May we, as the people of God, proclaim, embody and pursue goodness, mercy, justice and love.

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