The Crisis of Credit Explained Visually

Perhaps it’s the economics major guilt that I have, but seeing as how this current crisis is defining how Americans live and experience community across the nation, I just wanted to show some videos to help explain the origination of the problem. Enjoy…

Part 2, much shorter –

More thoughts to come on this later, but I’ve been thinking a lot these days how Christianity in America really put God and Mammon very close together, so that we have a difficult time discerning what is of God.

Also, I realize that many churches have been affected by the mortgage crisis, but don’t you think we’ve been too silent on it in terms of speaking out against predatory lending and lack of regulation?

1 thought on “The Crisis of Credit Explained Visually”

  1. Cool graphics for someone off the ocean. Have you read the book called Jeckle Island by G. W. Griffin?
    Keep up the good work.


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