A Foray Into Identity

Last week I led a discussion at A3MNet on Asian American Identity. It was more than we could really get our arms around in the time we had, especially with such a large and complex topic, but it led to some good conversations and I hope it continues.

As expected, there was some good tension about how our identity in Christ relates to our ethnic identity, but we ended nodding in agreement to Newbigin’s encouragement for us take on  our own scandal of particularity so that we might not let the breach between Asian American culture and Asian American church grow too large. Enjoy~

3 thoughts on “A Foray Into Identity”

  1. Brilliant slide show, it really surfaces crucial issues in how we understand ourselves, our church, and how to navigate between the bi-cultural background many of us have.

  2. David — This is fantastic work; thanks for sharing it.

    I have to admit, slide #19 hurt my brain (it was reminiscent of reading Barth during my seminary days) – but I like it 🙂 Seriously, though, these are some really powerful and important insights for Asian Americans and the broader church.

    You know I’ll be quoting this extensively in the future!!

  3. thanks guys!
    yeah #19 is out there.
    but i guess without much time to develop this over a series of sessions, i had to break out the big words! we’ll see if we can’t get as much discussion over here on the other coast! i’m so jealous of you guys having the energy of the west coast out there.

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