Follow-up to Swan Song

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Paul Huh came to the AsianAmergence gathering and led us in a discussion of traditional Korean musical forms and how they might be help both Koreans and Korean Americans gain insight into our worship.

As editor of the PCUSA Korean-English hymnal entitled “Come, Let Us Worship,” Dr. Huh had created short canticles (소창) around the psalms. He led us in a few that night which was an incredible experience to hear and participate in. Also, as an accomplished cellist, Dr. Huh also brought in the instrument represented in the middle photo (i.e. I don’t know what it’s called) and played it for us, explaining how Korean instrumentation displayed the culture’s affinity for relationality over technicality or virtuosity in the Western sense.

But without further ado, please check it out for yourselves; although a little long, it was really enjoyable.

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