Ill Doc: How To Tell People They Sound Racist

A helpful video on how to address race and the language issues. Focus on what matters – Thanks Ill Doc. I’m a fan.

7 thoughts on “Ill Doc: How To Tell People They Sound Racist”

  1. Pretty good. This applies to everyone of every race, be they Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Hispanic, etc. However, I’ve found in my few experiences that if I were to alert someone to a racist comment they said, it doesn’t really affect them because they think because I’m Caucasian, I’m immune to racist comments–which is so NOT the case. Sometimes I wish people would see each and every culture is just as guilty as the next when it comes to racism.

    Anyway, good video 🙂

  2. Hello !
    It is very important to give advice to a man to help him mend his ways. It is a compassionate and important duty. However, it is extremely difficult to comprehend how this advice should be given. It is easy to recognise the good and bad points in others. Generally it is considered a kindness in helping people with things they hate or find difficult to say. However, one impracticality is that if people do not take in this advice they will think that there is nothing they should change. The same applies when we try to create shame in others by speaking badly of them. It seems outwardly that we are just complaining about them. One must get to know the person in question. Keep after him and get him to put his trust in you. Find out what interests he has. When you write to him or before you part company, you should express concrete examples of your own faults and get him to recall to mind whether or not he has the same problems. Also positively praise his qualities. It is important that he takes in your comments like a man thirsting for water. It is difficult to give such advice. We cannot easily correct our defects and weak points as they are dyed deeply within us.

    Thanks !


    P.S.: I liked the film very much !

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