It's Def If You Can Hear It

I have to post these couple of def poets representin’ Asian America…

Alvin Lau – Asia America, Where Have You Gone?

Kelly Tsai – Grey Matter

Asia – The Waiting Hour

Mush – Next Wednesday

2 thoughts on “It's Def If You Can Hear It”

  1. little relevant to these video. I attended Women in Theology and Ministry retreat last Friday and Saturday. One theme that came to me was voice for voiceless. I had been encouraged not to have voice which would lead me to easy life in Korea but here in Ameria all of sudden I am encouraged to have voice. I was really touched that they were willing to, wanted to listen ‘ the others’ voice.
    So many things are happening inside of me these days.
    Yes as he said you have to lose a part of you to gain the whole of you

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