Emerge 2008: Featuring James Choung

InterVarsity and ACF are hosting its second annual conference entitled Emerge! in the metropolis of Cleveland, Georgia for Asian American college students in the SouthEast region.

This year it’s going to be held in the Woodlands camp, nestled in the north Georgia mountains, and the keynote speaker is James Choung (woot!)!

James Choung is the author of recently published, “True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In” and even mentions a Southern slant (below) on his usual presentation :

I might be doing a breakout session there, but not sure yet what the topic will be; and ElderJ will be there sharing his wealth of wisdom and knowledge. And Enoch Chang, who hails from CTS with me, will be leading worship! Double Woot! Shoud be a great time…if you want to register, you can download emerge-brochure-2008 and hope to see you there! Oh yeah, registration is due by Sept. 12, and the conference is from the 19th-21st of September. It’s coming up quick…

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