"It's Not Real"

Happy New Year – Belated…

The hiatus is briefly interrupted to share with you an article that my friend, Addy, passed along.

Tom Hsieh

14 thoughts on “"It's Not Real"”

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  2. givers and receivers,
    no offense, but your website doesn’t inspire confidence nor do the testimonials. if you believe in your vision and are truly committed to seeing your work gain credibility, you might want to make better use of the tools that are out there such as youtube, whatnot to not give the impression of a shady, spiritual, here-today-gone-tomorrow kind of operation. also, your theological payoff, “you will be rewarded for such acts”, yeah…i’d get rid of that. again, no offense, but i won’t be “giving” to you otherwise. just thought you should hear it if you haven’t yet.

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