Supply-Side Jesus


Let me share this video I found on Neatorama (yes, I love this site) by first saying that I think it’s particularly profound in this season of Advent. I know there is a lot more political commentary going on than my brain can handle, but it’s sharp. Without further ado, I present Al Franken’s Supply-side Jesus…

Check out this commentary from a couple of years ago about this cartoon:

One of the great sources of liberal confusion is the cognitive dissonance of deeply religious Christians prioritizing discrimination against gays, and to a lesser extent abortion, over peace and poverty reduction; or as I like to put it, “why does Jesus Christ believe in trickle down economics”?[Warning: huge oversimplifications to follow]

Supply-side Jesus, as Al Franken calls him, is best seen in different responses to the poll question “Do you think that poor people can get ahead in this world through hard work and responsibility?” low- and and middle-income Republicans will say “yes”, while low-, middle-, and upper-income Democrats will say “no”. In the conservative world view, those who are wealthy in this world are entitled to their good fortune because they have earned it, while poverty is almost a sign of moral failing. This lack of emphasis on social welfare spending among conservatives stems from the Calvinist (and later Baptist) tradition that success in this world is a sign of grace. Also, unlike the Catholic and mainline protestant tradition, faith need not be accompanied by good works to achieve salvation. So there is no need to look out for your fellow man or woman who isn’t getting by; after all, as long as you believe in Jesus Christ,you’ll be saved, so why not just concentrate on converting their souls to God rather than giving them access to health care?….

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