Weekend in Chattanooga!

Looking forward to the EMERGE 2007 Conference for Asian American students this weekend in TN!

At this conference supported through various Asian American Christian Fellowships from InterVarsity, I’ll have the chance to get ground-level with some twentysomethings this weekend to discuss the future and potential of Asian American churches as I’m leading a workshop on that very topic.

I think it will be good to compare the notes that I collect from my conversations with these college students to DJ Chuang’s report on “Revitalizing Asian American Churches”. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to TalkBack about it at the end of the month.

ElderJ is leading a workshop on how to be “Ethnic and Inclusive”, which will get deep into the practicum of how we invite others into our culture without asking them to check theirs at the door. What a great topic. I hope he shares his notes on his blog.

Have a great weekend~

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  1. dengjosh says:

    Hope you have notes to share too, I’d love to hear about it!

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