Black And White Keys…Or What About Yellow, Brown, and Red?


h/t to Kye S. Chung for this video from Catalyst Conference.

I don’t know what to make of Andy Stanley’s rendition of “Chopsticks” following the performance and saying that it was composed only on the “white keys”. I guess it’s funny at the time and less funnier afterwards, but this type of dialogue often simplifies the racial dynamics in America and where the church is…

I’m no ethnomusicologist, but I wonder if Asians have something to offer here. What are the yellow notes?When I was learning to play tabla, I thought that tala was a fascinating way to look at rhythm that was not 4/4 or 3/4.

Perhaps it’s too early to cite references of art reflecting a holistic, communal, global aspect of the Gospel, but it’s something for our generation of artists and creatives to think about.

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