Good Things In '08!

asian american leadership conference 2008

“encouraging and equipping those who serve the asian american community nationwide”

[From their website]

Over 400 pastors, parachurch leaders, seminarians, and spouses attended the first AALC in 2004. We anticipate more than 500 to attend this second AALC on March 24-26, 2008.


Monday-Wednesday, March 24-26, 2008


The 2008 AALC will be utilizing the facilities of the Grace Korean Church (Grace International Ministries) in Fullerton, CA


The purpose of the AALC is to encourage and equip those who serve the evangelical Asian American community nationwide.



20+ workshops addressing a wide range of ministry topics


Churches and ministries are joining as partners in this conference.

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  1. no, i don’t think I’ll be able to go because of a certain baby, but hopefully in the future, i can make it. oh, and as for the format…i know i’m really finicky about it. but i want to have a format that will show the name of the author because occasionally someone besides myself writes. the other thing is that i don’t like formats that shrink the size of comments as i find that often the comments are more interesting than the initial post. so…the experiment continues. thanks for the feedback btw.

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