Get Your Black Belts, It's Time For Ministry

ht: Neatorama (again!). Check out the link in Witness Magazine re: Karate Nuns.

The caption on this photo read:

The nuns began studying the martial arts as a form of exercise. Several of them workout regularly. Though they would never use the arts to hurt someone, a number of them have become quite good. Sister Mary, who is just over five feet tall, is the most serious.

But here’s their story taken from the 1st page:

The Sisters of Fraternity Notre Dame

In 1991, a group of French nuns arrived in New York to open a mission. All of them were from the Order of Fraternite Notre Dame. Not one spoke English. Their first plan was to establish a soup kitchen for the poorest of the poor. They chose a storefront in Spanish Harlem and started working. Within a short period of time, they arranged to have food that was not sold by bakeries and restaurants donated to the mission. This was then served to the visitors of their kitchen. Other activities of involvement include dispensing food to the homeless in Times Square and caring for AIDS patients at nearby hospitals. A warm and friendly relationship has developed with the surrounding community. Neighbors enjoy their presence on the block and seem to look out for them. They do not proselytize, preferring to let their work quietly speak for itself.

Pretty impressive kicks for some nuns? Do you think Asian American pastors can pack as much punch?

I mean, in terms of living in Spanish Harlem…:P

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