Chinese vs. German Culture

Very Insightful these drawings.

Liu Yang, a Chinese-born German designer. He made this iconic cultural comparison. Blue is Germany; Red is China.

Wait in queue:



In a restaurant:


On time:

Attitudes to anger:

Social relations:

See the entire photo series: 1, 2, 3

Another site that these images were posted on was this one, but although that site doesn’t seem to be up right now, we can infer a great deal from the 140+ comments that have been listed from reddit. Read a few comments here and it gets pretty interesting fast.

What implications does this have for the way we observe church and faith in from a cultural perspective? How would the theologies that come out of these cultures be different?

6 thoughts on “Chinese vs. German Culture”

  1. brilliant visual depiction of cultural differences.. and, assuming it’s a fair extrapolation of German and Chinese culture into a broader cultural comparison, and I think much of it is reasonable… the one comparison on the perception of leaders is strikingly different between western and eastern cultures, and that’s got profound implications on the cross-cultural dynamics of an intergenerational immigrant church, and perhaps in the next generation church too..

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