Re-Visit The Immigration Issue

The Resident has given it some thought…

Some of the 2nd-generation people I’ve spoken to say they don’t like the notion of illegal immigrants and that current laws should be enforced. I suppose it somehow bothers people of the wealthiest, highest-educated demographic in America that somehow our taxes are going to someone other than us. Or maybe it’s just someone posing as one of us?

Either way, I have to ask why Asian American churches don’t address this issue more often? If they do, how do they address it? While we acknowledge the first generation church deals with these issues regularly, how is it this hot topic, which is so easily politicized, has so little commentary from Asian American pulpits? Does God not speak for the alien or the foreigner? What a most unnaturalized response. Is this another case where Shane Claiborne would say “even the rock stars would cry out”?

“There are so many Asian Americans who would benefit from immigration reform,” said Inday Larot Day, executive director of the National Federation of Asian American United Methodists. “There are Asian Americans who did not take advantage of the amnesty offered years ago because they were afraid of being deported. Of the estimated 12 million undocumented persons in the U.S., I would say there are at least 3 million Asian Americans included in that count.”

And if we as the sons and daughters of immigrants don’t know about the issues, perhaps it’s time to educate ourselves (presentation thanks to Songhua Hu – Stanford) . (As an aside, check out Google’s Presentation app!)

2 thoughts on “Re-Visit The Immigration Issue”

  1. yesh.. I’ve become involved in this dialogue on a public front but had to ice out a little for fear it would jeopordize my church planting. Up here in the upper left coast we even have our very own Minutemen, a bunch of (expletive here) who actually guard the Canadian border from illegals.
    Yesh, we asians need to open our mouths more tho…

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