Freedom for the Captives

I don’t think I would have discovered the severity of this issue if not for Eugene Cho. Thank you brother. I’m disappointed that I’m so slow absorbing this information, but I have to confess that my felt powerlessness has left me a bit speechless as well. I’m a bit numb, as much as I was with the VT incident, and all kinds of mixed emotions swirl in my head.

With news that a second hostage has been killed, I wonder why I had not heard it on TV. It’s good to know YouTube has a  few clips.

Obviously, this is not an easy situation to negotiate out of:

At this point, Korean diplomacy must use two different approaches at the same time. In face-to-face talks, Korea must abide by international standards and regulations in dealing with terrorist groups. This is unavoidable when the entire world is looking at how Korea handles itself diplomatically.

But on the other side, we must use all the resources available to us. It is impossible for us to physically suppress the terrorist group….But right now, there is no viable method of retaliation. If that’s the case, there is no other alternative than to deliver a strong message to Kabul and Washington that saving Korean lives must be the top priority. The U.S. and Afghan governments are in a dilemma as well. But there can be no disagreements that the lives of the hostages are the most important factor.

I don’t know how to respond to this situation other than to pray boldness, courage and comfort for the surviving hostages. You did not travel to Afghanistan in vain and you will not leave in vain. We have seen the face of God through your sacrifice and your work. We had forgotten that this is what we were all called to. Particularly, in the US, we have grown complacent and callous to living lives as harbingers of the good news. Please, even now, do not fear, for you have preach[ed] good news to the poor, bound up the brokenhearted, proclaimed freedom for the captives, and released prisoners from darkness. In your mercy Lord, give the Taliban grace and ears to hear. Bring your sons and daughters home…and send the rest of us out.

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