The Doghouse, Indeed

Imus is everywhere. If you can’t say anything nice on “The Doghouse with JV and Elvis”, we’ll be handing out pink slips. Pink, as in “shimp flied lice”.

If you can stomach listening to white pranksters make jokes at this Chinese restaurant’s expense feel free to listen below. I believe this is the clip that caused the firing of the CBS Radio shock jocks:

Here’s my concern, check out the blog of JV and Elvis. Note the video clip of Glenn Beck’s show where they express concern that this firing is an endangerment to free speech. Their claim was simply that “people need to grow thicker skin.” They seem to blame the OCA for calling them on the carpet like a kid getting caught for cheating blames the teacher.

How long does “comedy” take place at someone else’s expense? How true is it that artists are merely reflecting culture? This coming on the heels of Rosie O’Donnell, Kenneth Eng, and Don Imus, it appears we are all becoming as sensitive as Scientologists, but rightfully so…right? I hate the racism, and would love for all the expressions to stop, but at the same time, it seems to me that if no one writes the law on their hearts, then it’s just a “special interest”. Somehow, I fear this could hurt us more than the initial sting of being made fun of.

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