Baby Needs New Shoes

The Q was the most unique and lively conference I’ve ever attended, and despite the fact that I still felt some dissonance between American evangelical notions of “industry” vs. “community” (more on that later), it was incredibly productive for new ideas and inspiration. The bonus was getting to meet some of the finest Asian American pastors in the country today, thanks to L2 Foundation’s generous sponsorship.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of Q was that each speaker had only 18 minutes to present their idea. Even the most profound and revered leaders were forced into brevity, which brought some soul to their wit, and forced their ideas to the surface. And similar to the “Kawasaki Method”, no matter how disinterested you might be in the presentation, you could at least look at the countdown clock and think to yourself, “Only 6 minutes more to go. I can do this.” Boredom was certainly not an option, at least not for long.

The following video is from one of those presentations where I wish I had more than 18 minutes to hear about their story. Needless to say, I came home and my wife and I purchased two pairs. I think a very compelling case needs to be made for Asian Americans to not only build churches or be good Christians, but to leverage businesses and organizations to support thee notion that church is not to be sequestered as a sphere of society, but is to impact every corner of it. Not just to manufacture and sell shoes, but to put them on the feet of those who have never known shoes.

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