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Excerpted from NYT’s Korean Men Use Brokers to Find Brides in Vietnam:

More and more South Korean men are finding wives outside of South Korea, where a surplus of bachelors, a lack of marriageable Korean partners and the rising social status of women have combined to shrink the domestic market for the marriage-minded male. Bachelors in China, India and other Asian nations, where the traditional preference for sons has created a disproportionate number of men now fighting over a smaller pool of women, are facing the same problem.

The rising status of women in the United States sent American men who were searching for more traditional wives to Russia in the 1990s. But the United States’ more balanced population has not led to the shortage of potential brides and the thriving international marriage industry found in South Korea.

Now, that industry is seizing on an increasingly globalized marriage market and sending comparatively affluent Korean bachelors searching for brides in the poorer corners of China and Southeast and Central Asia. The marriage tours are fueling an explosive growth in marriages to foreigners in South Korea, a country whose ethnic homogeneity lies at the core of its self-identity.

In 2005, marriages to foreigners accounted for 14 percent of all marriages in South Korea, up from 4 percent in 2000.

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Could this kind of thing be increasingly prominent here among next generation Asian Americans too? Not to find marriage traditionalists so much as to see more porous relational fluidity between Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, et al? Marriage and family dynamics are much more at the core of the spiritual sociology of churches than just college friendships.

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  1. huh? I read the article, but I don’t understand your question. As a single man though I am wondering if I can book a marriage tour…
    ::scratches head::

  2. Elderj, I tried to pack too many ideas into too few words in my question 🙂 I meant to refer to the article as a spring board of growing prominence, and social acceptance, of inter-Asian marriages. I did not mean to draw attention to mail-order brides. So, in other words, since inter-Asian marriages are on the rise, just a little bit, in Asia, will a similar increase also happen here in the US of A?

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