Petition Against Racism in Korea

I ran across this blog today and my soul ached. (Thanks to JoseonIllin for the link).

While I have been building wonderful and promising relationships with African-American brothers here, I was so ashamed to know that the stereotyping and ridiculing of Black people is happening in my motherland.

As a Korean-American I know what it is like to be ridiculed and humiliated by people who I do not resemble, and while as an Asian American, I seek solidarity and acceptance among Asians, I will stand up against my own people when they belittle others. As a Christian, there is no irony in the fact that I find my own culture detestable where they have not upheld justice and shalom. And this despite the fact that they send out so many missionaries and are so “well-churched”!

I know that at best, this petition may make the Korean media more politically correct and at worst, actors and PDs (Korean acronym for producers) may be miffed and incite more antagonism to foreigners in Korea, but perhaps this is what we as Christians need to hear to engage our own culture, our own prejudice, and our injustices more. As much as America is not a “Christian” nation any more, neither are you Korea. Wake up! I’m so angry right now I can hardly type…

Read Michael Hurt’s blog post, watch the video and please sign the petition. While the video is in Korean and the racial slur is made on a comedy program (ring a bell Rosie?), the letter that follows outlines a racism insidious in Korean culture in no uncertain terms.

And Michael, I know it’s not much, but as someone from a people that I had been taught to loathe apologized to me once, I’d like to say as a Korean, I’m very, very sorry.

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  1. Kamsa hamnida …

    Racism & ethnocentrism is one of those things that are the most pernicious and endemic symptoms of our collective depravity. Once when I was in S. Africa I asked the question, “why do we have to be on the bottom everywhere?” In such a world, where one’s own people are always the lowest of the low it becomes very tempting to internalize those lies and hate oneself, or alternatively to respond with bitter hate towards others, or simply numb indifference. It means a lot when someone else makes a stand for you. So … thank you, merci, medasi… it means a lot

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