Open the Eyes…

I’m shamelessly stealing this from one of the posts from The Cutting Truth, as I believe that a ministry like this cannot get enough publicity. My heart is breaking so much in this Advent season. I preached last year a Christmas sermon that my wife reminded me of today as we ventured out to the mall for the first time in this season of commercial madness. She said, “You said, ‘To give when we fully expect to receive is no generosity at all. We are simply exchanging materials.’ I don’t want to play America’s version of Christmas anymore.” I had forgotten that I had said any such thing, but man, we wrestled with that today.

Indeed, may our hearts long for real giving like this…and I believe this worship song, “Open the Eyes of My Heart”…is sung by the children themselves. I too, want to see you Lord. I want to see you.

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