No Asian American Emergent Cohort in Your Area? No problem!

So obviously, we’re slicing the pie pretty thin here with such a thing as an Emergent discussion among Asian Americans — it’s like finding a support group for gay Navajo bikers in Alabama, but thanks to modern technology, we can do it so all 6 Asian American Christians nationwide interested in emerging church can participate (slight sarcasm to be ignored as required!).

For those of you that might be interested and perhaps wondering what type of ruckus these “emergent” people like to kick around, consider this an invitation to listen in and even speak up.

Here are the proposed topics of conversation for our August 27th Skypecast Conference call now scheduled for 9pm (Eastern Time), 8pm Central.

  • How does the emergent conversation impact the issues of the Asian American Church? (cf.
  • What is Emergent missing by not having many visible Asian American
  • What does “a royal priesthood of all believers” really mean in an AA church?

The conference call is slated for an hour, so it won’t siphon off too much of your evening.

Stay tuned here or with DJ Chuang for more details. Also, you can read about our last conference call.

Looking forward to hearing new voices…


  1. Sivin says:

    Great to eavesdrop and chip in.


  1. says:

    2nd Asian American Emergents Skypecast

    The 2nd Asian American Emergents Skypecast will happen on Sunday night, August 27th, at 9:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm Central / 6:00pm Pacific. Please join us for some cordial conversations, even if you’re in Mountain time or in Malaysia.
    These 3 quest…

  2. […] After our 2nd Asian American Emergent Skypecast (you can listen to the recordings here), a dear friend and I got into further discussion about challenges in the Asian American church. As we got into our own little exchange, which I wish I had the wherewithal to record, we noted that there was a conflict of interest between what is best for the Gospel, best for the church, versus what is best for the individual. For instance, in a dilemma of the preservation of one’s own pastoral job versus promoting reconciliation between churches, in our observations, usually ends up in a staunch defense of the former. In the case of preserving culture and hierarchy versus openness and stretching of comfort zones, we naturally gravitate away from the latter. It seems that often churches and pastors are influenced by economics, opportunity, and “markets” as much as, or possibly more than any spiritual force. While we give the benefit of the doubt to these leaders, and understand the necessity of a diversity and a multiplicity of churches, the tension between being led and driven by the Gospel versus the natural inclination for self-preservation and personal interest is rarely explored collectively in humility from an Asian-American church pulpit. […]

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