The Shirt

Calvinism Shirt

I have this shirt that I like to wear at work occasionally. Partly it’s interesting to see if people recognize the terms, to see quizzical looks on their faces, and then to hear what they have to say in response.

Today, someone said to me, “Calvinism, huh? That’s when you think that when you’re doing good, it’s because you did right…And if you ain’t doing good (I live in the South, remember), then it’s ‘cuz you ain’t done right, ain’t that right?”

I responded, “I think that’s good.” I paused for the brilliant play on words to sink in, but they fell on deaf ears. Then I said, “And so how are you doing?”

He replied, “I’m doing good.”

I swung again, “Then you done right.”

He laughed. Finally my fresh, comedic stylings bear the fruit of a toothy grin and throaty laugh.

Not that I thiink such brilliant and well-thought out theology should be reduced to such a simple colliquialism, but perhaps not every approach should be an intellectual one. And if I’m the one to wear a shirt like this, what should I expect?

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