Article: "What's the Korean Word for 'Yo'?"

Very funny article in the New York Times about a Broadway musical spoof about a Christian boy band being translated to Korean.

An excerpt: "Though the band members' message is holy, their vocabulary is rife with hip-hop jargon (or, at least, five white guys' approximations of same). Trying to explain contemporary American lingo, Mr. Del Aguila said, he suddenly realized that "everything I know about Korean culture basically came from watching episodes of 'M*A*S*H.' "

Fascinating that they would choose this type of musical to package to Korea. It's as if they have picked up on the notion that there is a strong confluence of hip-hop appeal and an inordinate number of Christians there. While I have not seen the musical and can't imagine it being flattering to either the hip-hop nor the Christian demographic except to make fun of both, I wonder how this will do. I guess I'll have to keep my ears open to hear of the "Altar Boyz" in my local Korean newspapers. "Surprizzle about the shizzle.."

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